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2016 ... Not much change

To Send Christmas Cards | To Not Send Christmas Cards: That has been the question I’ve struggled over the past few years with sending cards being the answer. This year’s answer changed – and I am not sending out cards. Instead of sending out cards, I decided to make a contribution to a non-profit organization. While most of us have been in contact in various ways during the year whether by phone or on internet sites – or even visits, I have enjoyed hearing from many of you this holiday season and appreciate your thinking of me! Several years ago, I took Jim Jones’s Web Development class at Graceland University. The final project was to create our own web pages. I later included highlights of that year which I have done every year since. It’s longer than the tradition holiday messages in cards I receive, but it will give you an idea about my 2016.

Here we go again with a trip around a year just past – maybe / maybe not in some order:


Not much change around the Rees family: Chris, Hannah, Betsy, and Maggie are in Perkasie, PA. Nick and Katie are in Los Angles raising (and still spoiling their two dogs - Sammie and Bennie). Andy is in Scottsdale, AZ. And then there's me and - of course - my cat Whizzer in Lamoni, Iowa.

2016 was OK - I hope you've had a great year!

Happy Holidays!

Betsy and Maggy

Family is the Greatest Gift!