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2014 ... Here comes Maggie

welcomeMaggie Betsy Welcomes Maggie

The highlight of the year: Margaret Alice Rees checked in just after midnight on October 1. She weighed 7 pounds - 15 ounces. She was 19.5 inches long. Hannah and Christopher are the proud parents & of course Betsy is her big sister! They call her Maggie.

Dinner In Perkasie Dinner In Perkasie

September in Perkasie ... when we found out Nick was performing with his Second City gang in September near Perkasie, Andy and I travelled to Perkasie to see him and visit with Christopher, Hannah, and Betsy. Andy and I arrived on the 12th - Chris, Andy, and I caught up with Nick and his show on the 14th. There were play times with Betsy who was the life of our visit, familiy meals, and just down times of talk and sharing. Catching up ... making new memories. Just enjoying each other - the four boys and two girls.

Disc Golfers

Christopher has become quite the disc golf enthusiast so we hit the "links" the morning after we arrived. Andy picked it up right away (although he did bury a disc in a pond) - I on the other hand was terrible and tried to damage my shoulder in the process. After we caught up with Nick, he - too - got into the hang of disc golf. It went by all too quickly. Andy, Nick, and I left on the 16th.

This year, I'm not writing a mammoth essay - just the birth, the visit, and a bullet list of highlights:

We're all where we were last year. Chris, Hannah, Betsy, and - now - Maggie are in Perkasie, PA. Chris is still with the Bucks County District Attorney's office as an Assitant DA. Hannah is the Catering Manager at Rodale Catering and Events. Andy is in Scottsdale, AZ, where he works in medical sales with SureTek Medical. Nick is in Chicago with the Second City Touring Company (GreenCo) and Editor-in-Chief at Freelance Writer. Katie is an analyst. Both are raising their two dogs - Sammie and Bennie. And then there's me and - of course - Whizzer, my cat still in Lamoni, Iowa.

Not an eventful year - not an uneventful year. Maybe ... just OK.

Betsy in the Field
Family is the greatest gift!