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2015 ... Just an ordinary year

Art Class

My art teacher was taking pictures to publicize our Art Market Jubilee! - a craft show to sell our art work at the end of the semester. She posted them on Facebook - and I shared the one of me on my Facebook page. My cousin Cathy said: "You look just like you!" My nephew Brad added: "Great smile Uncle Gary." My niece, Kim, finished the comments with " You look great!" What I saw was this old guy with white hair. YIKES! & this realization hit me: We tend to see ourselves differently than how we really look no matter how many times we pass a mirror. Not that we see ourselves with movie star looks - but that we see ourselves as we remember. I don't know what that has to do with a holiday update - but ... at the end of 2015, I still look like me and have a great smile (& to some - well ... I look great!).

OK - here goes ... . Some headlines (somewhat chronologically):

It's been a year of changes. While Chris, Hannah, Betsy, and Maggie are in Perkasie, PA and Chris is still with the Bucks County District Attorney's office as an Assitant DA, Hannah changed her career path and is now in real estate. Nick left Chicago and the Second City Touring Company for newer goals in show business but is still working as an online editor and freelance writer. Katie is an still analyst. Both were able to take their jobs with them. They are raising (and spoiling) their two dogs - Sammie and Bennie. Andy is this year's constant - still in Scottsdale, AZ, where he works in medical sales with SureTek Medical. And then there's me and - of course - my cat Whizzer still in Lamoni, Iowa.

When all is said and done, I liked 2015 - I hope you've had a great year!

Betsy and Maggy
Family is the greatest gift!