Ron Smith's Camp Songs with Chords

Camp Songs by Title
Title Category Key Diff
A Pizza Hut Fun Action Round E 2
A boy and a girl in a little canoe Fun D 3
A ram sam sam (A Pizza Hut) Fun Round D 2
Ain't no rock Fun Action Am 4
Alice's camel Fun C 2
Allelu Fun Action Parts D 3
Alleluia Serious G 4
Amen Transition A 3
An Austrian went yodeling Fun D 2
Are you sleeping Fun Round D 2
Beachcomber song Transition Em 2
Bear in tennis shoes Fun C 3
Beloved, let us love one another Transition Parts D 4
Bingo Fun Action G 3
Blind man Transition Am 4
Bubblin' Fun C 2
Bumble bee Fun G 3
By the waters of Babylon Serious Round Am 4
Cares Chorus Serious C 4
Children, go where I send thee Fun
Do Lord Transition G 4
Dum dum Fun Action D 3
Each campfire lights anew Begin G 4
Eddie Brown Fun G 3
Ezekiel saw Fun Round E 2
Faith is the flag that's flown Fun Action C 3
Father Abraham Fun Action C 2
Father, I adore you Serious Round D 3
Flea Fun
Found a peanut Fun D 2
Freely Serious E 3
Give me oil Transition C 4
God loves you Transition D 3
Goin' on a Lion hunt Fun Action
Gonna sing, my Lord Transition Am 4
Grab another hand Fun Action A 3
Green grow the rushes Fun G 4
Grey squirrel Fun Action D 2
Grin again gang Fun D 4
Gunk, gunk, went the little green frog Fun Action D 3
He's got the whole world Transition C 2
Head, shoulders, knees and toes Fun Action C 4
Hello Begin Parts D 2
I am a CHRISTIAN Fun action G 2
I know an old lady who swallowed a fly Fun E 2
I like to eat Fun C 2
I love the mountains Transition Round C 4
I stuck my head in a little skunk's hole Fun A 3
I'm gonna sing Transition Participation E 4
I've got the joy Fun A 3
I've got tuppence Fun D 3
If you're happy Fun Action C 3
In my life, Lord Serious C 4
Isaac y zoomba Fun Action C 2
It's cheese Fun C 3
Jacob's Ladder Serious C 3
Jesus in the morning Transition E 3
Keep on the sunny side Fun Participation D 3
King of Kings Transition Em 2
Kumbaya Serious C 3
Last night my little spider died Fun E 3
Late last night Fun C 2
Let us sing together Fun Round E 2
Little Peter Rabbit Fun Action G 4
Little Tommy Tinker Fun Action Round C 2
Little bunny foo foo Fun C 2
Little cabin in the woods Fun Action D 3
Lord I want to be a Christian Serious C 4
Love, love Serious Em 3
Make new friends Begin Round C 2
May the long time sun shine on you. Transition Parts C 3
Michael Finnegin Fun C 2
My God is so big Fun Action G 3
My Lord, He done done Transition Participation E 3
My bonnie lies over the ocean. Fun action D 3
My brother Bill Fun D 3
My only hope is you Serious C 4
My paddle's keen and bright Fun Round Dm 2
My uncle Fun D 3
Noah Fun Action C 3
Oh my people Serious Em 3
One bottle of pop Fun Parts D 2
One elephant Fun Action C 3
Orchestra Fun Parts G 2
Pass it on (It only takes a spark) Serious D 4
Peace like a river Transition E 3
Pharoah, Pharoah Fun C 3
Pink Porpoise Fun G 4
Poor little bug Fun D 2
Quartermaster store Fun Participation D 4
Reconciliation (Strong and Happy People) Sacred C 4
Rock a my soul Fun C 2
Rose, Rose Transition Em 2
Row, row, row Fun Round D 2
Running over Fun Action C 2
Scotland's burning Fun Round
Seek ye first Serious C 4
Serasponda Fun Parts C 3
Shark Song Fun Action C 2
She sat in her hammock Fun G 2
Sing alleluia to the Lord. Serious Parts Am 4
Sippin' cider Fun D 2
Song that never ends Fun D 2
Spirit of the Living God Serious C 4
Swing Low Transition E 3
The ants go marching Fun Em 4
The grand old Duke of York Fun Action C 3
The itsy bitsy spider Fun Action E 2
The man who has plenty of good peanuts Fun C 2
The more we get together Begin C 2
The wise man built his house upon the rock Fun Action D 2
There was a tree Fun Action D 3
There's a hole in the bottom of the sea Fun C 3
This is the day Transition D 3
This little light Transition Action C 4
This old man Fun A 3
Throw it out the window Fun Parts Participation E 2
Trust in the Lord Serious D 4
Vive l'amour Begin G 3
Volcano Fun A 3
Waddlee atcha Fun Action E 2
Walking down Zion's road Transition E 4
We Are One in the Spirit Serious Em 4
We're here Begin G 3
When He Calls Me Transition E 3
When the Spirit moves Transition
Where He leads me Serious D 3
White coral bells Transition A 3
Why doesn't my goose Fun Round C 2
Willowbee wallobee wu Begin E 3
Zion is a wonderful place Serious G 4