Checkpoint 2.1

1. HTML originated as a markup language in 1991 that would help you view the web in a new way. In the beginning it was very
basic with only html but now they have become layered with multiple browser codes. Although at the base is still html.
The features include adding text, graphics, video, hyperlinks, and color. Also being able to manipulate text extensivley.

2. The most common software that you can use is whatever is on your operating system. For example windows uses notepad as

3. The head location is where you would define your meta tags and your title. The body section is where all of your main content
takes place. It is where you place your paragraphs like this one and other things like headers and lists.

Checkpoint 2.2

1. A heading element like the one above is used to give text size mostly. By using H1 through H7 you can change the size of

2. The biggest difference between an unordered and ordered list is the fact that order matters on the ordered list.
While an unordered list is just things that have no order but most of the time have something in common.

3. A blockquote makes the text that you have it on tab in. It can be used to differentiate a paragraph from the rest of the

Checkpoint 2.3

1. Special characters purpose are used for changing the look of letters and a lot of different spacing for words.

2. You must use absolute links when you are linking a website directly. The HTTP protocol is used in absolute links.

3. Relative links are used to keep things more simple and are used when you are linking a image or a folder. The HTTP protocol
is not used in this situation.

Web Research

A. HTML5 tutorial

B.The tutorial is designed for beginners.

C.I would recomend it because it is easy to follow and free.

D. I learned what a footer is and the concept of being backward compatible with older web browsers.

Valid HTML 5.0