Homework 3

  1. Html is used to place symbols or codes as a display.Tim Berners-Lee developed it using SGML. Which is used for embedding makeup system for documents.
  2. You need Windows 7, Windows 8 or Finder on MAc to launch the site and test it.
  3. The head section is used to welcome people to the site and the body is used for paragraphs or other information needed to be displayed.
  4. 2.2
  5. The heading element can be organized in six levels and can change different fonts.
  6. Ordered list use an li tag and unordered list is ul. Which doesn't number the list.
  7. It changes the way the line is changed from left to right.
  8. 2.3
  9. Special characters are used to stand for symbols.
  10. When you need link different websites to the original site.
  11. Is used as a way to contail a link to email. It uses http:.