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yurt page
What is a yurt?
Our luxury yurts are permanent structures four feet off the ground. Each yurt
has canvas walls, a wooden floor, an a roof dome that can be opened.
How are the yurts finished?
Each yurt is funished with a queen-size bed with down quilt and gas-fired
stove. The luxury camping experience also includes electrictiy and sink with
What should I bring?
Bring a sense of adventure and some time to relax! Most guest also pack
comfortable walking shoes and plan to dress for changing weather with layers
of clothing.

Package name Description Nights Cost per person
weekend Escape Two breakfasts, a trial map, a picnic for daily yoga,\ 2 $450
Zen Retreat Two breakfasts, a trial map, a picnic snack 4 $600
Kayak Away Two breakfasts, a trail map, a picnic snack 2 $450

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