Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much ~ Helen Keller

About timeBanking/Lamoni

Time banking is based on the belief that our communities work better when all of our contributions are valued. It rejects the notion that we belong in separate classes of givers and receivers and establishes a way to reward all types of work - caring for children, elders, and others who need it, building community, taking care of the planet, and helping out neighbors. Time banks have changed whole communities where they have been established.

timeBanking/Lamoni promotes the exchange of services between people in a community without the use of money - instead, time is traded.

Here is a list of examples of the kinds of services that timeBanking/Lamoni members can exchange:

timeBanking/Lamoni focuses on bringing people together in a community with different skills to benefit from each other.

As a result, members feel empowered by helping others and learning new skills.

timeBanking/Lamoni can bring out the best in people to establish a community of people who support each other - a true community of caring.