Homework 3

  1. HTML stand for Hypertext Mark-up Languages. It was created by Tim Berners-Lee and is used to manage web documents. HTML is a file that focuses on the display of a web page and includes features such as paragraphs, headings, lists, graphics, audio and video.
  2. There is no specific software needed to create a web page. However, the only program that one needs to create this website is a text editor such as notepad
  3. The purpose of the head is to describe the web document and give information about this web document. Whereas, the body is used to design the contents of the web-page such as, text, tags and images
  1. Headings are divided into six different categories, ranging from h1-h6. These headings are used to create titles on your web-page.They create a heading with space above and below it. Heading text is always bolded.
  2. Ordered lists begin with the (o) tag and is ended by (/o). Whereas, unordered lists start with the (u) tag and end with (/u). The primary difference is that unordered lists are bullet formed as opposed to numbers
  3. The blockquote element is used to show text in a way that it is indented from the left and right margins. An example of this would be using it to indent a paragraph
  1. The purpose of special characters is to make it so that your web page is allowed to show special character such as;quotation marks, vertical lines and the trademark symbol
  2. Absolute links are used when you need to show the absolute location of a resource.The http protocol is used in the href value.
  3. A relative link is used when are trying to link your page to other pages such as directly clicking on a link that brings you to MLB.com. The href value does not use the http protocol
Web research
  1. Tutorial
  2. This tutorial is geared towards the most basic of HTML
  3. I would definitely recommend this web site to others because it is very clear and easy to follow
  4. I learned how to insert images into the website
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