Art For Goodness Sake
George Knotts
317 W. 4th Street
Lamoni, IA 51040
Phone: 515-784-3851

I trust in God's unfailing Love forever and ever.  Psalm 52:8 My bride, my bride, Where in the world is my bride? If you meet me and forget me, you have lost nothing; but if you meet Jesus Christ and forget Him you have lost everything. God's way, restored in the last days If it is new, it is not true Love others as I have loved you. What will you give for me?  What will you give up for me? Prayer changes things Great are the works of the Lord.  Psalm 111:2 Let the name of the Lord be praised both now and forevermore.  Psalm 113:2 Gifts from Jesus to you

Last Update: January 2, 1996
Ronald K. Smith
Graceland College
Lamoni, IA 50140