Frank Kaminsky
Frank Kaminsky, reacts after a tough play against an Illinois defender


This is thew new source for the hotest basketball blog on the internet. This blog will keep you updated on some of the best collegiate basketball players and see if your favorite NBA team pick what player with a mock draft. My name is Hassan and I'll be making this site for people to look at it and see my opinions about the upcoming NBA draft. The reason why I'm doing this is, because I find this interesting and when I get older I want to have a job like this. But I want to work for a major newspaper industry and report Chicago High School basketball and help players get recruit and just keep people up to date. I understand how much high school players love to see their name in the newspaper, because I use to love seening that or articles on the intenert. It feels like you accomplish something in life and your closer to your dream of being a NBA basketball player.