LeBron James & Cleveland Cavs
LeBron James & his teammates celebrating after the heroic buzzer beater shot

84 - 86 Series 2-2

With the heroic buzzer beat by Derrick Rose in Game 3 for the Bulls to be up 2-1, LeBron James & company came to the United Center and got a victory over the Chicago Bulls without Pau Gasol (hamstring). The Cavaliers had a +4 in rebounds and assists for them to get the victory over the Chicago Bulls. The Chicago Bulls really needed Pau Gasol, because in total their big men scored 17 of their 84 points. Their big men on offense wasn't efficent at all and if they had scored more points could been the difference of this game. LeBron James was the high man with 25 points, 14 rebounds, and 8 assists he was a major key for his team, and Mozgov stepped up with 15 points and 9 rebounds. Derrick Rose was the high man for the Bulls with 31 points and 4 assists, it seemed like Rose wasn't trusting the big mans as much or they wasn't scoring off his passes. Recap of LeBron James Buzzer Beater Game 5 Predicition: 93-87