Final project

Goku Black (Rose Form)

the purpose of this page is to show people new/old animé where people can see and then watch also allowing people to discuss animé and give some recommendations hereare anime that i believe you will find interesting to you and hope you all enjoy

the picture above is a person known as goku black in his rose form which is equivalent to that of super saiyan blue goku and vegeta who through obtaining god ki and learning to control said god ki and reached another level of power at first nothing was know about him besides the fact that he looked like the main character goku who is claimed to be the strongest second or third to the god of destruction beerus and his mentor the angel whis now back to goku black as we see him attack future trunk who is vegeta and bulma future son but from a different time line where everyone was killed by androids giving the audience a fresh breath so to speak to fell the danger and mystery that has been missing for a while as we see him effortless destroys trunks killing his mother in front of him and killing mai and breaking his arm as he miraculously makes it back to ther past where everyone is still alive to get help to defeate black who later travels back and faces goku who is then defeated eaisly by goku who is only super saiyan to trunks surprise but when we see him return to the future and throughout his fight with goku he smiles and happy that hes getting beat down and says "this pain will only make me stronger thank you goku your fighting style has been in-betted in me now I will grow stronger"after the fight we are rested assured that black is weaker to goku and that the threat is averted but the mystery still remains who is goku black and how did he get on this destructive rampage but there is one person that i forgot to mention zamasu who is an apprentice kai due to his fighting prowess we then see beerus whis and goku travel to universe 10 to investigate and goku being goku wants to fight to feel out his power but during the fight they feel a power similar to black similar but not exact and travel to the future to fight black they are shocked to find out that he isnt the same as when he faced goku hes even stronger and is on par with goku and vegeta and effortlessly takes out vegeta nearly killing trunks and goku with the help of zamasu who is immortal but with the help of mai who did survive escape and return to the past they train to be ready to face him learn of ways to not only take out black but zamasu as well and return to the future but rose Comments:

  1. Hitman Reborn
  2. Hunter X Hunter
  3. One Punch Man
  4. My Hero Academy
  5. Dragon Ball Super