Checkpoint 2.1

  1. HTML was made by Tim Berners-Lee using Standard Generalized Markup Language(SGML). HTML is a set of
    markup symbols or codes placed in a file that is intended for dsplay on a web page. Each markup code has its own element/tag
    and these tags come in pairs.
  2. In order to create web pages all you need is a text editor like Notepad++ and accsess to different
    web browsers so you can test it out.
  3. The purpose of the head and body section of the web pages is where the web page description is located.
    The body section contains everything else like tags and text

Checkpoint 2.2

  1. The heading element is used in HTML to describe how large you would like a text to be. It is considered to
    to be a block of text by the browser that you use.
  2. The difference between ordered lists and unordered lists is that ordered lists are organized by numbers
    and the unordered list just use bullet points
  3. The purpose of a blockquote element is that it is used to add quotes to your web pages.

Checkpoint 2.3

  1. The purpose of the special characters is for you to use them when you need to add quotation marks to the end
    of a quote or add a copyright symbol to a companies name.
  2. You use an absolute link when you want to link something to the absolute location on the web page, and http protocol
    is used in these links
  3. You would use a relative link when you want to post a link to another website from your web page. The http protocol
    is not used in these links
  1. The URL website of the website is
  2. I would put the tutorials at the intermediate level and basic level.
  3. I would recommend this site to others because it is easy to use and gives really good instructions and details
    on how to do these tutroials.
  4. I learned about the menu tag, and the time tag.
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