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This page is by Graceland students, for Graceland students to help make your new semester a little easier. This site will hopefully help you find what you are looking for within the school that will help you get where you want a bit faster, easier and smoother (incase you missed it in orientation or something). The descriptions below will tell you a little more about what we do. Hopefully, this got you where you wanted to be.Enjoy


"What are picks?" you're probably wondering. well, in the page titled "Picks", there are a list of teachers, counselors, and many more with their contact info and a little descriptions about what they do. These people were chosen by students with a purpose that might be the same as yours. This page will help you find the people you need to talk to that will you get you there whether its immediate classes, trouble with financial aid, or just trying to find someone who will show you (no matter how many times you ask) where Patroness and Zimmerman are. The school isn't that big However, no matter where you're from, starting fresh is always the hardest so take a peek in the Picks page and see if there's something you might find useful.


Navigate is pretty simple. We put a list of steps on how to navigate through your mygraceland. As new students, you might find this page useful incase you dont feel like asking anybody. MyGraceland is a bit complex as far as which links lead you where but this should take a bit of pressure off so use this page if your lost on MyGraceland.


Pretty self explanatory, contact us if you have any questions you need further assistance in and we will see if we can help. MORE IMPORTANTLY, we love feedback, ideas also suggestions. So if you are a Graceland student with ideas, feedback or a preferred person, go ahead and shoot us an email with your comments or preferred person and why you find them useful.