Advanced Java Networking Homework Due Friday

Hey everybody! The homework for friday is to create a GUI version of the chat client we made in class. So make sure that it contains a textfield for typing and text area for displaying messages from the server. In order to test your application you will need the server software.

Download the Server Software: Link

Extract the files and then run the runServer.bat file to start the server. Make sure your client is connecting to "" on port 1234.

Make sure to email me your finished assignment by Friday. My email is Happy Coding :)

-- Adam Austin 3-21-2016

Advanced Java Networking Assignment

Hey there Guys & Gals! If you aren't or haven't been paying attention to what Kirby and I have been talking about, look no further! Today we will be creating a function command-line chat client in class as a walk through! Don't worry about the server, Kirby and I have created one so you guys can just focus on your clients.

Class Activity - Monday: For class today you are going to need to download these files: Link

Create a new Java project in eclipse and drag these files into the project space you've created. After that all you have to do is pay attention!

-- Adam Austin 3-21-2016

It's 4:47

After staying up all night completing a game design assignment, I have decided that homework is not worth it before this weekend. I will deal with the consequences. Instead I will type the first 5 sentences that I think of. 1. If aardvarks were Tyrannosaurus dinosaurs, I would be a scared mammal. 2. People say life is too short to waste, I find it hard to not look down on short things. 3. Games are just the expression of someone's inner child, if the game is shit...what does that say about them? 4. Alex left his rice out...again. 5. If music was a color, it would be a really dark brown. Because all of them would get mixed up in the midst of all the sound. New game. It'll be up today. It's a really frustrating one.

-- Adam Austin 2-27-2015

I feel like crap

I feel like a newspaper. A newspaper that was read and thrown out. Then recycled into another newspaper. I was then used in an elaborate paper mache project that involved being ripped and torn to pieces by a group of angry second graders. After I was thrown away and separated from the rest of that gross paper stuff, I was finally used to pick-up dog excrement. That is what I am going to amount to this week. The thin, wrapping paper for a steamy gross dog poop. In other news, I did the other tutorial. Check the unity page.

-- Adam Austin 2-6-2015

You mean Galaga?

After a solid three and half hours in the lab the Unity Space Shooter tutorial was finished. It is a fantastic tutorial, it gives you a lot of tools to use in future games. Such as loading different scenes (levels) or playing sounds. I might actually upgrade the Space Shooter game with power-ups and enemies. I'm not quite sure if I want to devote time to that. I also realized how important art and sound are to a video game. As a programmer it's easy to get excited about the technical aspects of games and sometimes what's fun to you might not be fun to others. Anyways, check out the Unity link to try out the game!

-- Adam Austin 1-31-2015

In Regards to the Page

It may look sparse now, but I assure you. It will keep getting better. This site is a basic project site with a basic theme. It reminds us that sometimes things are indeed as simple as black and white. Not to get terribly philosophical, but sometimes life needs simpler things. In a world of complexities and multi-core processors, sometimes it's nice to be reminded of newspapers and books. Perhaps I was just too lazy to think of a better color scheme. Anyways, have fun. Poke around. Don't break anything.

-- Adam Austin 1-28-2015

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